Your partner for renewable energies.
Procurement of products for the solar industry,
power supply industry and electrical
appliance construction.
Since 1997.


ESTAMAG Vertriebs GmbH is an international trading company and agency for industrial sales representation, with a particular focus on supplies for the electrical industry (B2B).

A personal relationship with our customers is our most important asset. This enables us to tailor our offering to customer-specific needs and to work flexibly. We can guarantee the very highest quality of our products through our careful selection of suppliers.

Services we offer

Extract from our product portfolio:

  • amorphous C-cores
  • nanocrystalline cores
  • ferrite cores
  • PV ribbons
  • PV backsheets
  • lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • oil treatment plants for high voltage transformers
  • porcelain insulators
  • bushings for high voltage transformers
  • electrical insulation (fiberglass tapes)
  • insulated copper wire

We also offer customized products such as transformers and chokes. As a procurement platform we find suppliers for you and handle inquiries and order processing.


For inquiries, please contact us by phone or e-mail:
Tel.: +43 1 5320297